Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sunset: Survivors

Two Days Earlier

Stan Howard Las Vegas, NV October 3rd, 1991

I can’t believe this is happening, Stan thought. I have never been an overly lucky guy but this is ridiculous.

Stanley Eugene Howard was the senior programmer at a prestigious software company located in Northern Phoenix. He had driven up to Las Vegas the night before. It was a long drive but Stan found it very relaxing. He could not relax at work. His boss was an asshole and was always on Stan’s back. Stan could not possibly work any harder or any more hours than he already was. This vacation was a way to blow off some steam before returning to the rat race in a few days.

Now Stan stood at a crap table in one of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas. He had held the dice for almost an hour. Twelve passes in a row. He was up almost $22,000. He could not lose. No matter where he put his money, the number would come up. $50 hard four. Hit it. $100 crap. Hit it. $500 yo. Hit it. $1,500 on the pass line. Needs a six. Rolls a thirty-three. The money was just pouring in.

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