Friday, July 10, 2009

F-You Friday

I am going to start posting every Friday with a new way to screw with people or a funny (I hope) anecdote of a situation where someone got F'd with. Hopefully it will make you laugh or brighten your day if only slightly.
This week's F-You Friday features:
Man, that's a lot of F's. So anyways, a few weeks ago we were at a friend's just hanging out and drinking. They have a computer at a desk in their kitchen and my friend's wife left her Facebook account logged in. So, being a little buzzed, I sat down and began to type as if I were her.
"Hey everybody! Good news. I'm pregnant!"
Then the comments started rolling in.
"Congratulations!" "Good for you!"
She had to spend the next few days telling her friends and family that she was not pregnant, but I sure thought it was funny.
Next time you're at a friend's house, keep an eye out for this. There are many posts that will draw a huge response.
"Just found out I have cancer."
"My wife/husband has been cheating on me. We're getting divorced."
"My alcoholism has left me alone and without anyone to turn to. Seriously considering suicide."
"The test results just came back. Apparently I have Herpes."
You get the idea. Enjoy.

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